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Boom Lifts

A Boom Lift, also called a cherry picker, man lift or a basket crane, is an aerial lift equipment supported by a hydraulic arm that enables individuals or equipment into the air usually for construction jobs.

There are two types of boom lifts – telescopic boom lift and articulated boom lifts each with particular benefits. A telescopic boom lift has an elongated arm attached to the machine that can extend out and up whereas an articulating boom lifts has multiple boom section that articulate – allowing to move the platform to the required height while navigating around obstacles and barriers.

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How High Do Boom Lifts Go?

The working height capacity of a Boom Lift is upto 186 feet. The height range of Boom Lifts depends on the type of work to be done.

How Much Is It To Buy A Boom Lift?

Generally, an aerial boom lift costs you more than a scissor lift. There are certain factors that impact the cost of aerial lift equipment which includes working height of the lift, horizontal reach, and weigh capacity of the machine. The market price can also vary from one manufacturer to another, so it is required to explore several options, including new vs. used articulated boom lifts.

What Is ManLift?

“Man Lift” is also termed as “aerial lift” which is perfectly designed to work safely above the grounds. Man Lift Equipment includes both boom lifts and scissor lifts which is ideal for erecting signs, replacing lights, and all maintenance repair work. At Torcan Lift, we offer quality heavy lift equipment and aerial lift equipment with many different makes and models available. So, get an instant quote and hire a boom lift or man lift for your next job.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Boom Lift?

There are so many companies who prefer to rent boom lift instead of purchasing the one depending on the needs of the job. The Boom Lift Rental Rates may widely vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on the size, type, rental company you hire and how long you will require the heavy lift equipment to finish your job.

Can A Boom Lift Be Used As A Crane?

The answer is NO. Boom lifts and cranes are designed for performing different jobs. If you’re using a boom lift as a boom crane, you’re putting yourself and your co-workers safety at RISK.

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